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The Real F.U.P.A


The Real FUPA

The mons pubis, also known as the pubic area, mons pubis or FUPA (fat upper pubic area), is the fatty tissue located above the pubic bone. An enlargement of the pubis mons aka FUPA is common due to pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, genetics or liposuction/tummy tuck. This problem occurs most commonly in women, but may effect men as well.

If you have had surgery to flatten your abdomen, such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or liposuction, you may begin to notice your mons pubis fat even though there has been no physical change to the pubic area. The mons pubis may also appear larger after liposuction because gravity pulls swelling downward from the abdomen toward the mons pubis. It could become permanent if the area is not apart of your compression plan.

Non-Surgical Methods

Some of the common non-surgical methods include:

  • AirSculpting: A version of liposuction in which a laser is used to "melt" fat in the FUPA area, and the fat is then removed through a small suction tube known as a cannula. The cost of AirSculpting can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more depending on location and how complicated the procedure is for a patient.

  • CoolSculpting: A procedure that applies targeted cooling to the FUPA, freezing the fat cells in the area to a temperature that destroys the cells. It can cost anywhere from $700 to $4,500, depending on factors like location and the amount of fat removed.

  • Scarless labiaplasty: A procedure that uses a machine that emits radiofrequency energy to the FUPA, which shrinks and tightens the tissue in the area. The cost of scarless labiaplasty can range from about $700-1500.

Having excess mons pubis fat may be frustrating or causes you low self-esteem. Changing your eating habits and adding exercise into your lifestyle are great first steps to take when trying to lose mons pubis fat.

If you feel that proper diet and exercise may not be enough to shrink the fat in this area, come see us at Blaque Adamma for a non-surgical option. We have extensive experience in this area.


  • No downtime

  • Alternative to plastic surgery

  • Gradual change for a natural appearance

  • Skin tightening ( cannot be done by plastic surgery)

  • $$ less expensive

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