• Carolyn G.

dirty little secrets

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Changing your pillowcase is about as important as incorporating great products into your skincare regimen. Why you may ask? It is because like your skin builds up bacteria that can penetrate through 2 layers of skin causing breakouts your pillowcase can do the same hence needing to be cleaned and/or changed out weekly if not twice a week. Here’s why.

The thing about skincare and pillowcases is that just because you do not see the bacteria lying on the surface doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Let’s break that down for a moment so you can fully understand why this is crucial.

For starters your pillow is something that lies on your bed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is not a moving object capable of self cleansing for that reason it lies there collecting dust, particles, pet dander and so forth. Due to the fact that your pillow is constantly being exposed to unbeknownst bacteria and your point of contact happens to be your face and possibly your hands then it can easily become the most unsanitary object in your home.

Now let’s incorporate your face. Your face is exposed to massive amounts of pollutants, bacteria, products and even hair care product drippings on a daily basis. If you are a skincare addict then your nightly skincare regimen for rejuvenating and increasing the cell reproduction process can consist of 3 products. Once you have applied those products to your face they will sink into your skin however the oil from you sweating as well as the oil from those very same products will be lying on the surface of your pillowcase. After a week of doing this very same nightly skincare regimen you will now have a week’s worth of dead skin, product buildup and of course what I will discuss next, hair strands and hair products. Boy, that sounds like a full bacterial party lying on the pillowcase.

Lastly your hair is your crown and you try to make sure that it is trimmed, moisturized and styled to perfection however like the face this coif is exposed to as many particles, pollutants, products and so forth. Therefore when you are sleeping and turning your head left to right or sliding off the pillow, you are continuously sliding more bacteria, hair strands and more onto your pillow which then ends up on your face. So by knowing that this is all happening on the most comfortable thing on your bed, you really need to make sure that you clean your pillow case at the minimum of once a week.

The point is, like your skin and hair needs to be cleansed a couple times a week so does your pillowcase. If you do not incorporate good hygienic practices to your home and especially your bed linen then you end up with bacteria growing and later causing skin issues.


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