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Clients hoping to enhance their face, body, and/or intimate parts without the need for  cosmetic surgery have choosen the right place for a range of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Our highly skilled aesthetic personnel are proud to offer the most current and effective nonsurgical treatments available today. 

Preparation for your appointment

We prefer you book a consultation so that we can give you a bespoke experience.  We will create a treatment plan  to meet your personal needs.


For any lipolysis treatments it is imperative to be hydrated for conductivity and overall efficacy of treatments. Up to 72 hours after treatment is the best time for exercise to enhance results. WILL NOT BE PERFORMED IF YOU HAVE HERNIA'S. Compression garments are recommended.

For vaginal rejuvenation the area needs to be hairless(hair will take away energy from targeted area) as well as not currently on  menstral cycle at the time of treatment. WILL NOT BE PERFORMED IF YOU HAVE VAGINAL IMPLANTS


“I had a disappointing tummy tuck with a bulging midsection and loose skin.  I received 8 treaments sessions of Venus legacy on my abdomen and I look so so much better already. I give all the credit to Carolyn who provided the service.”

Y. Rumana

“I went in today for a consultation on anti-aging treatments.  The facial analysis and consultation that Carolyn provided was really informative.”

F. Contento

“I got a BBL in Miami and was not happy with my results.  I had cellulite and I was unhappy with the shape of my buttocks.  When tell you Carolyn is a whiz.  She sculpted my butt so good people now ask me if I had a BBL even when I went to a plastic surgeon. Well worth money spent.”

K. Lewis 

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