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The founders experience as a breast cancer patient was the inspiration for starting Blaque Adamma Beauty & Wellness.  She wanted to ensure there are options to assisting clients on their wellness journeys. While working with Cosmetic Doctors, Blaque Adamma's founder saw first hand a growing need for non-invasive cosmetic treatments and solving issues of Sexual Health for women.  Sexual health/wellness for women has largely been overlooked and largely ignored by the medical community. Sexual wellness is healing. With advancement of technology there are now options including non-surgical options that are evolutionary. It allows for safer alternatives to cosmetic surgery especially for those patients that are not candidates for surgery due to some chronic health conditions. Inspired, she studied the physiology of the human body, technological science, along with years of esthetic training.  All of this led to creating astounding results. This was the beginning of Blaque Adamma, a beauty haven for women.


Blaque Adamma instills confidence through the use of the latest technology with no down-time. If you have 30 minutes to spare, we can change your life. Get the body you deserve and make a friend. Medical grade treatments with in a spa environment.


Our mission is to make women look and feel beautiful in their own skin.  We provide education, skincare, and non-invasive cosmetic treatments.  A multidisciplinary list of services ensures each clients needs are met. We provide comprehensive consultations followed by bespoke treatment plans. 

The founder wants to gift women with confidence, giving them the Blaque Adamma Experience (BAE).

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